It is indeed actually hard to describe oneself. As of now, I wish not to fill the space here since I still can't find the right words to tell about myself.

Just get to know me truly.

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themed by Cherrie H.

Summer Fun 2012

The beauty that is Puerto Galera.

First time visitor to this popular and magnificent island. Of course the visit was more fun since I had my cousins with me. 

another bonding moment in the waters of PG

The trip is not complete without my cousin-sister, Issa.

by the beach, the night before we left the island

I will not be contented if I have no solo photo with such beautiful island in the background. :)

Back in Manila, I realized that Life is even like the waters of the beach that has its low and high tides.


19th May 2012 (10:38 am) - By ohitsanna

12:55 am message

Mahal na mahal kita. Ikaw lang ang lagi kong nami-miss. Ikaw lang.

Sounds cheesy? Yes. But these words just made my night so happy. Thank you and I love you too! 

29th Jan 2012 (11:58 am) - By ohitsanna

It was enchanting with Kitane-s

Just when everyone thought that I did something great, I had an enchanting time with my so called ‘new family’ since we went to Enchanted Kingdom. It was a despedida trip for Oliver’s cousin, Kuya Kervy. 

Yes, I was shy in this photo. 

The experience was more enchanting because of this guy. :)

Of course, I was everywhere!

And would you believe that an unknown person hugged me in this ride (Anchor’s away). ‘Si Ate, feeling close. haha!’ Yes, a woman with no companion did hug me. 

I believe they are the older version of us (I and oliver)- Kuya Carlo, Oliver’s brother and Ate Steph. 

The craziest person in my life. Captured while he was making fun of me as usual

The amusing amusement park :)

Rialto :)

Trivia: Space shuttle is a no-no for me!

The trip was given color by couples. ♥ (I’m faceless in this photo at the Wheel of fate. haha!)

But of course, the couple of the night was Kuya Kervy and Ate Viel. 

Last look to Wizard’s palace as we left Laguna. 

29th Jan 2012 (11:49 am) - By ohitsanna

good place to work at

is what we call “the Library”

Filipiniana section

my always-present pencil case and a borrowed highlighter 

After-library date at Mcdo with my buddies, Camz and Tiffany (as of the moment)

Kuya, be easy. I have nothing against you. I just want to smile in front of the camera. Haha!

29th Jan 2012 (11:26 am) - By ohitsanna


It was silly but yes, I was in love with an atheist. A man from the past who became my friend and an enemy will always be special in someways. Now, I’m already with someone who I will wish to love from this moment towards the future and the one who is madly in love with me. 

Therefore, perhaps I may call it as ‘remaining special feelings’ that I may still have for this friend is now pointless. 

11th Jan 2012 (9:30 am) - By ohitsanna

I know its getting late and I have been spending much time here. 

### Signing out. 

7th Jan 2012 (8:37 am) - By ohitsanna

A ‘polky’ day of New Year

I forgot to share that it is really my practice to wear something that is polka dots during the eve and first day of the new year. This year, perhaps people would greet me a ‘Happy Valentines’ because I was in all red. Not to mention but my flats were red too.

My sleeveless top is polka dots and is something that I brought in a very cheap price. While my red high waist jeans is something that is old in my closet but was used only once and the second time that I wore it was during January 1st. 

  My earings were polka too. 

What also made our New Year celebration more happy was the presence of our Santa Kirby. So cute!

 Also this year, we thought of assigning a color every family. Unfortunately I and my mom violated it. We were supposed to wear pink. She forgot and has worn something that is blue-green. I am not so sure of the color haha. Thus I also did not win in the Pinoy Henyo. A cellphone that is dual sim which I really need was the given prize.

Its definitely not yet late to greet everybody a HAPPY 2012!

7th Jan 2012 (8:35 am) - By ohitsanna

Asiong Movie received a round of applause

Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story 

P180.00 Glorietta 4

Just when I thought that I will not be able to watch a MMFF entry this year, I and my dearest companion almost every day- Oliver watched Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story last Friday night at Glorietta. 



The movie is a true to life story of a man who proclaimed himself as King of the streets of Tondo who always dominate gang wars not until he was killed by a friend. 


Of course, watching it is unusual because the cinematography is black and white. So I think that makes the movie extraordinary but additional to that are the superb visual effects. The scenes that are somehow not realistic this time are successful in showing a setting of 1950s.


 I think we also have commend the cast including the veteran actor Jeorge Estraga and Carla Abellana who I could say have really improved in acting and I can even attest that she also now deserves Best Actress nominations. Also the men of Asiong and the antagonists who were greatly effective. One is John Regala who is a far relative of ours. 


I would have to be very honest that I am somehow disgusted with the scenes of the protagonist and his leading ladies but nevertheless, everything went well throughout the story and everyone in the cast deserves two thumbs but really, Dennis Padilla is a comedian as well as Ketchup Eusebio.

And after the movie showing, people in the movie house including me did not hesitate to clap. The movie in general, was largely appreciated by the viewers and definitely, it really deserves the awards that were given in the festival.

7th Jan 2012 (7:53 am) - By ohitsanna


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